Welcome to the Mature Learners page, which is here to provide you with all the information you will need if you’re thinking of returning to study.

There are many flexible learning options available, so whether you want to find out what qualifications you can study, what support is available or how you can finance your studies, this information and much more is easily accessible from this page.

If you’re a mature learner considering returning to education, or a practitioner supporting mature students, please feel free to Contact Us for tailored advice.

Student Finance




Paying for your studies is a concern for all students and can be a particularly apprehensive topic for mature students. Student Finance funding is available to all first-time undergraduate students and varies depending on your circumstances. The important thing to remember is that you do not need to pay for your tuition up-front. All eligible students can access a Tuition Fee Loan for this, which is paid directly to the university itself, and a Maintenance Loan to contribute to your living costs.

Student Finance England (SFE) is the provider of student loans for students in England and you can access funding regardless of the university you choose to attend or the course you wish to study.

For more information on Student Finance, what you may be entitled to, and how to apply, visit the Government Student Finance webpage.

Mature Learner FAQ





We recognise that Mature Learners might have a lot of questions about all aspects of Higher Education, from applying to studying. Our Mature Learners FAQ aims to cover the most common questions, but if there’s anything we haven’t covered, please get in touch! Our Higher Education Progression Advisers are happy to provide support, answer questions, and signpost you to our fantastic college partners.

Education Jargon Buster




Most students, when considering a return to education, find that they come across unfamiliar terms or phrasing. It might be a term they haven’t come across before or one that’s changed slightly since they were last in education. Our Education Jargon Buster breaks down some of the most common phrasing with clear explanations.

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