Alongside the information, advice and guidance that Shaping Futures provides as part of our activities, we recognise that a key element of a young persons decision making about their educational options and future careers is personal, further research to support them in their decisions and help them to be confident and secure in those decisions. To support with this we have created a resource bank for learners, collecting together downloaded resources and useful links which might offer young people a chance to further investigate a career they have an existing interest in, or have recently learn about through an outreach initiative. Also included within this research bank are a set of links designed to support young people with decisions like choosing their university and processes such as applying for university through UCAS or applying for an apprenticeship.

While personal research is really important for a young person, we also understand how important the part a parent or teacher has to play is and so we have created sections within the research bank for parents and teachers too. Some resources will appear in all sections, like the UCAS website, as it has sections dedicated to parents, learners and teachers, all giving specific advice while some, like The Student Room, will only appear in one category as they’re more specifically targeted to a particular group.

Our research bank is constantly growing and evolving, and we also upload resources which have been used in our projects as they are created, so please do check back in with us. If there is something you can’t find through our research bank, or something you think would be useful to be added, please Contact Us. We love feedback and are happy to help with any queries that you can’t find the answer to within the resource bank.