Please find below the contact details for each member of staff in the Shaping Futures core team. We are happy to be contacted with any questions or queries which you may have.

If you are unsure on which member of staff will be best able to assist you, you can find their areas of responsibility outlined in their profiles on our Meet the team page. Additionally, each Project Officer, or Project Support Officer has responsibility for a geographical area, so you may find it most helpful to contact the member of staff who has responsibility for your area.

Amber Coleman
Project Officer – Halton
0151 765 2611

Sarah Louise Hanson
Project Officer – Liverpool
0151 794 4360

Kevin Hornblower
Project Officer – Wirral
0151 795 8680

Anna O’Rourke
Project Support Officer – Knowsley and St Helens
0151 795 3619

Sarah Doogan
Project Support Officer
0151 794 9802